Friday, May 28, 2010

crafting hiatus due to remodeling

SO! i go to miami for the summer to my parents house to relax and craft ALL SUMMER, and theres no room for me.  my bedroom is a storage facility now.  so for the next week or two (less is better) i will be remodeling my bedroom.  i currently have a 10 x 10 RED RED RED bedroom with a huge dresser, desk, sleigh bed, full closet, and treadmill. mission #1 is to clear out the closet and clear out the bedroom.  i plan to paint the 4 walls from red to 3 walls of a white/cream color and 1 tiffany blue.  i'm going to try and move the desk into the closet to make for more storage, and then arrange the dresser and bed accordingly.  i'm a bit excited and nervous, because my parents may kill me, even though they've hated the red since high school.  then onto crafting.  i will post before during and after pictures on my lovely bedroom.  i will also make a to-do post for my future craft endeavors.  happy crafting everyone

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