Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So, I finally went to home depot and chose colors.  this weekend I'm going to do a test run on my red walls, and if I like it I will hopefully complete the project this week =)  I'm very excited.  Here are my colors:

i did a color pallete on Behr.  My chosen colors are Eggnog and Sweet Rhapsody.  The main offwhite and blue.  They suggested the other two colors for me, and if I make a quilt for the room, maybe I'll incoperate that purple color.  I love my colors, and I can't wait to get started =).  Hopefully I'll have the money for it.  Its looking to be around $80 right now which isn't bad.  

I also tried it out in the bedroom planner that Behr has, here is the example picture:

[via behr]

My next project: a Modular desk from Knock Off Wood.  If I happen to have followers and you haven't heard of Ana, you're missing out!  She makes furniture plans and shows you how to do it.  Its a very cost effective, and I'm hoping fun, way to furnish your house.  I want this desk to be my sewing desk, and also my study desk.  I'm excited.  I'm hoping to modify her plans, but I don't want to spoil the surprise! =)  Here's the basic desk:

Over the next few days I will be finishing a cute and small crochet throw.  Its small because I bought the yarn on clearance and am not sure if they have the yarn available anymore.  if they do then I will definitely increase the size.  Its my first big crochet project =]

This weekend as well I will be making a Ruffle Camera Strap to go with MY BRAND NEW Nikon D3000!!!!!  I mean, you can't have a fly camera with a mediocre strap!  Its a small project that seems to be quick.  Hopefully it is, so I can make it.  I will be submitting it to the Ucreate June project of the month.  Here is a picture of the strap.  

Wow, that was crazy long.  Hopefully I get re-accustomed to blogging and begin blogging more often so that there aren't such long posts!

Hope your week is great!