Friday, May 28, 2010

crafting hiatus due to remodeling

SO! i go to miami for the summer to my parents house to relax and craft ALL SUMMER, and theres no room for me.  my bedroom is a storage facility now.  so for the next week or two (less is better) i will be remodeling my bedroom.  i currently have a 10 x 10 RED RED RED bedroom with a huge dresser, desk, sleigh bed, full closet, and treadmill. mission #1 is to clear out the closet and clear out the bedroom.  i plan to paint the 4 walls from red to 3 walls of a white/cream color and 1 tiffany blue.  i'm going to try and move the desk into the closet to make for more storage, and then arrange the dresser and bed accordingly.  i'm a bit excited and nervous, because my parents may kill me, even though they've hated the red since high school.  then onto crafting.  i will post before during and after pictures on my lovely bedroom.  i will also make a to-do post for my future craft endeavors.  happy crafting everyone

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich AND iphone

from chick fil a!  thanks to them we can get one free sandwich, and i know my college friends and i greatly appreciate the offer.  thanks =)

there is an iphone giveaway at
this is pretty awesome since i've always wanted an iphone.  i just found out about this at thankfully.  i also checked out the website and thought it was awesome.  i found a garage sale for tomorrow that i may show up at.  there is also some consignment shops in the area that i would LOVE to go to (this is a hint, hint to the boyfriend =)

go get some free food and possibly a great new phone =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rachel Ray Giveaway

Spincushion is hosting a Rachel Ray Giveaway!  The giveaway is for the bubble and brown bakeware from the rachel ray line.

I've been following Spincushion for a while now and love her blog!  I enjoy her projects, and most recently fell in love with her fabric flower brooch.  Of course anything involving fabric and flowers has my attention!  Go look at her blog, join the giveaway, and be merry!


New Craft Blog


today begins my new craft blog adventures.  I will begin posting with some projects that I have finished and then start with my summer projects.  This summer I am not taking classes, and am dedicating my time to crafting.  I began crafting within the past year, and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I hope you enjoy my crafts as much as I do =)